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American Chamber Of Commerce

One of the greatest resources for travelers, community members, and business owners is an American Chamber of Commerce. In America, Chambers of Commerce exist in most small towns and practically every suburb of larger cities. In addition, there are regional Chambers as well as identity Chambers.

There are various Chamber structures from non-profit to for profit. Some consist of boards and committees while others are privately owned and operated by individual business owners.

The US Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business group that focuses on the political aspects of businesses large and small.

Other Chambers like are privately owned. For example, the Catalina Foothills Chamber was started by entrepreneurs to focus on a specific region of Tucson Arizona. They do not compete with other Chambers but rather complement and fill the gaps for community networking.

Some other common types of Chambers include County Chambers, Metro Chambers, and Hispanic Chambers.

As you can see there are large variances in type of Chambers. Most people think of them as cookie-cutter operations, but that is far from reality. In actuality, anyone can start a Chamber. However, it is a lot of work and many choose to collaborate with others to spread the workload.

To find a local American Chamber of Commerce near you simply search in Google or whatever search engine you use. You might be surprised that there are several options. Don't just settle for any Chamber, attend an event, and meet the people to ensure it is the proper fit for you and your business.

American Chamber Of Commerce

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